Is Matt and Nat Losing the Plan?

Matt and Nat is kind of a staple in the vegan fashion community. But are they living up to their reputation? They say their motto is “Live beautifully” but I’m not seeing much beautiful.

Recently, I purchased a little pink purse (the Drew in “Berry”, small). It was so reduced it was pointless not to buy it. But two things occurred to me, despite my consumerism. Number one: the fashion world is changing. Somehow, the death of Karl Lagerfeld is suggestive of a new era. Obviously, the era of vegan fashion. But it also is telling me that Matt and Nat have to up their game, especially as they are such a well known brand in the vegan community. So let’s talk China. Plenty of new vegan brands are popping up and they are not having their products manufactured in China- no matter what they say, it’s pretty hard to be truly ethical and also made in China. Just a fact. If not for the generic reasons, then for the fact of the emissions sent out just by having product go back and forth across the globe. Hope the worm turns, I believe Matt and Nat are telling the truth about the nature of their factories– but still…

Number two. Their stuff looks great online, but in person, the quality is just not there. The bag I purchased has more than one loose thread. And the bags, in particular, sometimes lose body- they bend and flex too easily. This isn’t good enough.

Moreover, there’s still a hippy vibe to the designs- of their footwear as well as their bags. It’s subtle, but it’s there. Nothing against hippy-chic but I want something that says, Move over Hermes. But Matt and Nat is still lacking that crisp, clean, screw you I am French feel. Designs too casual. Too repetitive.

It’s true, I like their stuff, I have happily purchased numerous pieces but- they’re getting old. They are too safe. And, even though I can always spot a bag or shoes that appeal to me, I keep finding myself somewhat disappointed in Matt and Nat’s quality. The online look just doesn’t match the in-person reality. When you grow up as a brand, you don’t create products that have loose threads. Not unless you are happy with remaining average.

If veganism wants to be taken seriously, then no stone can be left un-turned. The conclusion? Matt and Nat needs to start thinking like a perfectionist, like a French designer- like a Lagerfeld, perhaps? Because it’s beginning to feel a bit stagnant.

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