Why We Will Be Spending A Lot of Money at Blanlac – And Why You Should, Too

So last time we essentially trashed a label. Too bad. But this time, we are going to celebrate another. Blanlac. A Luxembourg-based shoe line that is making their products in Italy. Very Vogue, no?

The line also offers a range of bags and belts, is Peta-approved, and puts its values very nicely by expressing, on their About page,

We share the view that our society is sufficiently endowed with sustainable natural resources to free itself from animal exploitation. 

The company also produces products that achieve what we mentioned in our last article- that, Move over Hermes feel. Why? Because their designs are clean, crisp, sexy, stylish. No hyper anti-vegan could turn up their nose.

And the names are so fun. I just bought a pair called Stellaria, and I am considering another pair named Galatella. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the year I own everything they offer. Why? Because Blanlac offers products that tick off all the boxes that the woman of today wants. Style. Comfort. Quality. Designs that can take you from day to night. And even sex appeal. We are quite confident that we are at the beginning of a new love affair- join us.

To view more products from Blanlac, visit https://blanlac.com/

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