Boutiques: A Start to Vegan Fashion?

Where do you shop? I’m going to bet online, at a mall, or a department store. And all of these options are likely fairly generic.

Obviously, a large chunk of vegan designers are offering their products mainly online or else, they are mostly available to buyers because of an online presence. That’s fine. But there’s something to be said for the tangible. Which brings us to your local boutique.

The thing about boutiques is, there is a good chance the buyer has picked up a few things that, if not intentionally then by default, fit into the vegan/ethical fashion arena. Maybe they’re bringing in clothes that are made in Italy, lovingly, perhaps by some quaint little manufacturer that worked for Empress so-and-so, back in the day… Or, they’re offering jeans made from some rare kind of bamboo (and maybe the bamboo was grown in antique pots on a hillside in the Appalachians). Point is, there is a certain fussiness for niche and quality behind the stock in boutiques that makes for a solid shopping option for the prospective ethical shopper, or, the die-hard ethical shopper.

Right now, we are in love with a little boutique we often drop by when we’re in Vancouver (B.C.- absolutely not Washington). Misch. I’m not saying they don’t sell wool products. Or that you are going to find a place that necessarily subscribes to veganism. But it’s a convincing option. It’s the kind of place where someone who shuns veganism, might find- by default, I admit- the kind of purchase that brings them back for more.

Do you have a favorite boutique? Tag a picture of yourself with a fab ethical find @luxvgn to be featured on our page!

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